Full house of engaged Democrats hammer out a list of “burning issues”

A full house of engaged Democrats attended our October Community Meeting, Monday. We deliberated our local, burning issues. It turns out that there are a LOT of them, so watch this space for a poll, that will help us prioritize them, as we begin the march toward the 2020 election.

Voter Hot Issues


  – super fund sites, attracting economic growth but damage to local environment

– SPLOST projects = are we funding what’s best for us?

– sea level rise, drilling on the coast line, poor air quality, island sustainability, the sunken ship impact on wildlife: these all need to be further fleshed out

– proactive on climate change


– teacher salaries, recruitment

– dissemination of information re: how we keep informed re: local events, natural catastrophes, causeway closings etc.

– driving/drawing people to access of the information

– pre-K, better access to vocational education

Poverty/ Systemic Racism

– income inequality, minimum wage

– minority groups representation ( racial minority, women, elderly, young, disabled )


– abortion rights, community health care act

– educating the community about the availability of local healthcare options as well as where and what services these places provide


–  prioritizing SPLOST spending instead of something like the roundabout

– building better drainage systems, roadways, electric grid etc.


– representative candidates

– voting rights, suppression, accessibility

– flipping 16 seats puts redistricting on the table

Public Transportation

– access to job, schools, healthcare providers


Homelessness downtown, safer neighborhoods, corruption

Consideration of the new Zoning Rights, 

Meeting Nov. 4, to comment on Envision Glynn, the major rewrite of county zoning ordinance. 5:30-8:30 Public Library

Surveying local DEMS to get involved, both online and offline

Legalization of marijuana, tackling the opioid crisis local

From a meeting attendee: ”I was at the meeting tonight discussing priorities for local dems and I can’t believe I forgot to mention my concern about the rising number of judges  that are being appointed under the current administration. This will impact our community, state and country for many years to come.”