More Reasons to Vote Democratic in 2024.

  • Women’s Healthcare  In 2016, Trump ran for president promising
    to appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade.
    Once he got into office, that’s exactly what he did. Trump said it
    himself: he owns the dire state of access to reproductive care in
  • Medicaid Expansion With the 2024 legislative session wrapped,
    Georgia Republicans once again blocked full Medicaid expansion
    this session, lining up instead behind Kemp’s failed “Pathways to
    Coverage” health care program that has enrolled fewer than 3,500
    Georgians while costing taxpayers millions of dollars— 90% of
    which  has gone to administrative fees instead of health care for
    Georgians who need it. 
  • Private School Vouchers Republicans also sided with private
    corporations over Georgia voters when they passed their  deeply
    unpopular  private school voucher scheme – a bill that will defund
    public schools and reduce teacher hiring especially affecting Rural
    Georgia in favor of unaccountable private schools.
  • Biden Campaign in Georgia The Biden campaign is staffing up
    in Georgia, opening offices, and laying the groundwork to win.
    President Biden knows that the road to the White House runs
    through Georgia – and the Biden campaign is investing in the Peach
    State accordingly. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s floundering
    campaign has  one staffer , no offices, and is resorting to  failed
    former Senators  and  right-wing billionaires  to pay the legal fees he
    keeps racking up to prop up his bid in Georgia.
  • Clean Energy Thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ Inflation
    Reduction Act investing in Georgia, the Peach State  now ranks first
    nationally  in clean energy projects AND  first for most jobs promised by new clean energy projects!